& Compliance
Our Practice

Regulatory matters can become a significant factor of the operation for many businesses, especially in sectors governed by industry specific regulations, such as banking, insurance, pharmaceuticals, health care services, trading in military materials or telecommunications.

Also, many business-related matters and processes (e.g., consumer protection, product safety, protection of environment, data privacy or records retention to mention just a few of them) are, to various degrees, subject to regulation.

Therefore, for many operators, it becomes essential to understand what level of regulation could impact their business and how to handle the potential risks connected therewith to preserve their positions in the market and reputation in the business community.

For these reasons, our team includes experts with the skills, expertise and knowledge to guide our clients through a complex and often bewildering variety of regulatory issues and support them in managing the compliance of their activities with relevant regulatory requirements.
Our Expertise
  • Advising on regulatory and compliance matters in all sectors, including, banking, insurance, electronic communications, utilities and military trade.
  • Advising on a wide spectrum of regulatory and compliance matters in the area of pharmaceuticals and medical devices, including price regulation, clinical trials, marketing authorizations, distribution licenses, advertising and promotion techniques and campaigns, unfair competition practices and business ethics compliance.
  • Advising contractors on procedural and other issues relating to public procurement and concessions.
  • Advising on consumer protection issues, including labeling, packaging, language requirements, promotion and product safety.
  • Advising on data privacy matters, including cross-border transfers of personal data, privacy policies, data protection aspects of direct marketing, data privacy in the banking, telecommunications, IT and health care sectors.
  • Advising on anti-bribery and money laundering regulations and assisting in internal audits on compliance with the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.
  • Advising on and assisting in the implementation of record retention policies.