& Arbitration
Our Practice

In an increasingly global marketplace, companies inevitably enter an intensively competitive environment. Many variables come into play and in such an environment, disputes are virtually inevitable.

Dealing with them requires a skilled hand and a great deal of experience and knowledge, with a combination of international skills and local knowledge being preferable to all.

We are thus able to assess your legal risks and liabilities and indeed identify potential problems before they fully emerge. When disputes happen we will help you devise as well as implement a proper and effective strategy.
Our Expertise
  • Pre-trial analysis of legal risks and liabilities and the development of strategies for the settlement of disputes.
  • Representing clients in out-of-court settlement negotiations, including structuring settlement agreements and related documents.
  • Representing clients in judicial and arbitral litigations in all areas of law, including drafting petitions, appeals and other submissions as well as assisting in the collection of evidence and participation in court hearings.
  • Advising on domestic enforcement of judicial and arbitral decisions obtained abroad.
  • Representing clients in administrative proceedings and investigations held by public authorities and proceedings for judicial review of decisions made by public authorities.
  • Providing legal opinions on Slovak law issues for foreign litigations.