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May 15, 2023 | News May 2023 | Amendment to the law governing the construction of highways and expressways

On May 2, 2023, the National Council of the Slovak Republic approved an amendment to the Act on One-time Extraordinary Measures in the Preparation of Certain Constructions of Highways and Expressways for Motor Vehicles. The aim of the amendment is to accelerate and streamline the entire process of investment preparation for the construction of the highway network in the Slovak Republic.

The reason for the legislative change, according to the explanatory memorandum, is the fact that the investment preparation of highways and expressways for motor vehicles in the conditions of the Slovak Republic had not been efficient enough in terms of time, especially due to the demanding administrative burden on highway construction investors in the context of the individual phases of obtaining the necessary permits and statements.

As stated in the explanatory memorandum, the adoption of the aforementioned amendment is a necessary prerequisite for the fulfillment of strategic goals in the field of road infrastructure in the territory of the Slovak Republic, especially in the context of continuous and effective development of the highway network, which is of both national and international importance (especially the interconnection of the R4 expressway and the S19 expressway in Republic of Poland until the end of 2028).