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May 31, 2020 | News May 2020 | New Development in Reimbursement of Rent During Emergency Situation

In the third week of May 2020, the Prime Minister and the Minister of Economy announced that a final agreement on reimbursement of rents has been reached by the government.

In general, the proposed scheme should be based on the principle that the Slovak government will pay the landlord the same proportion (%) of the rent by which the landlord will reduce the rent, up to the maximum of 50%.

In all situations where the tenant is required to pay a certain portion or the whole amount of rent, the tenant will have the right to pay this amount in installments over (up to) 48 months. During those 48 months, the landlord will be forbidden to increase the rent or to serve a notice of termination on the tenant for this reason.

By the above scheme, the Slovak government aims to entice landlords to reduce rents as they will receive rent payments sooner compared to the situation where they will be receiving them over following 48 months.

Please note that no legislation texts in relation to the above have been published yet. Therefore, even though this was presented as a final proposal, there is no assurance that this will indeed be adopted in the form as described above.