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June 17, 2020 | News June 2020 │ Planned Reorganization of the Justice System

The Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic has published preliminary information concerning the preparation of a draft bill on the seats and districts of the courts of the Slovak Republic. The aim is to implement the so-called new judicial map. According to the Ministry, the existing legal regulation of the seats and districts of the courts of the Slovak Republic does not correspond to the current socio-economic needs and efficiency of the courts.

The aim of the reform of the judicial map is to achieve effective justice and break up corrupt links in the judiciary. The new government has committed itself to reforming the judicial map in its program statement. The planned reform is also in line with the new government’s commitment to make the administration of the courts more efficient, based on the principle of “value for money”.

Judges are also to be specialized in the main agendas at the level of district and regional courts.

Moreover, new judicial districts should be created, while reducing the total number of courts. It is also planned to launch a new selection process for chairmen of the new judicial districts.