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June 14, 2019 | News June 2019 | Increase in Reimbursement for Use of Own Vehicles by Employees on Business Trips

On June 1, 2019, Decree of the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Family of the Slovak Republic No. 143/2019 Coll. came into effect, by which, after more than 10 years, the Ministry has made a small adjustment to the basic reimbursement rate paid by employers to employees if they use their own vehicle when traveling for business purposes.

For two-wheelers and tricycles, the rate per km has been increased from EUR 0.050 to EUR 0.053 and for passenger cars from EUR 0.183 to EUR 0.193. When using a passenger car with a trailer, employees are entitled to the basic reimbursement rate increased by 15%.

In addition to the basic reimbursement rate per km, employees are also entitled to reimbursement for costs of fuel, which is calculated according to the provisions of Act No. 283/2002 Coll. on Reimbursement for Travel Expenses, as amended.